Yoga, Meditation and Healing

Are your energy levels low? Too much stress in your body? Are you generally feeling a bit lost or do you feel you want to know more about yourself? I might be the one to help you with any of questions. Welcome to my site. Here you will find information on my yoga lessons and healing sessions Become balanced, feel relaxed and light



Yoga – Feel relaxed and fresh

Yoga means unity: the mind and body work as one. By doing yoga you come in a state of peacefulness. And in this moment of inner peace and bliss you can let go. Your body feels light and relaxed, you are united with yourself again.




Yoga is for everybody

Yoga is for everyone that is interested in a better balance of mind and body, who understands that the body is a precious gift. It doesn’t matter if you are stiff, or you have an injury or your age, just start with yoga today!

Vijnana yoga yoga from inside-out

What is Vijñāna? Vijñāna is “a deep understanding that cannot come about merely through outer knowledge. Vijñāna is when inner clarity is revealed through personal experience”. Simply put: true knowledge comes from inside, by your own experience. With Vijñāna yoga we work from inside out, meaning, you will get into contact with your body and you will learn how to recognise the boundaries or openings of your body. Every day your body tells you another story, I help you to read this story and work with it. After the class you feel refreshed, peaceful and full of vitality. See also:

Prices yogaclass

Yogaclass private session 1,5 uur  €95,00
Corporate yoga and maternity yoga  Price based upon location & hrs
I teach classes on the following locations: Conservatorium Hotel; Delight Yoga Amsterdam and Aegis Media (corporate yoga)


Meditation peace in your head

What is meditation? Like yoga, meditation is known from Eastern religious traditions and methods. Specifically in Buddism, where meditation is the key element in personal development. Meditation is silence, concentration that leads to expansion of your consciousness.

Carl Friederich von Wiezsäcker writes: “Meditation is the quieting of conscious activities in order for something to become apparent. Something comes to the surface that has always been there. By meditation you do not become another person, you become the authentic person you have always been”.

Meditation is also a word that is easily misinterpreted, as being something that can only be practised by monks. But in fact, meditation comes very natural to us. By just sitting and observing your thoughts you become calm and peaceful. Already after 10 minutes you will notice the effects. Meditation can be easily applied in daily life. If you want to know more about meditation, for example, how to use it to improve your effectiveness or if you want to learn more techniques, you can also request a personal consult.


Prices meditation

Meditation class private 1,5 uur  €95,00
I give meditation classes on locations: Delight Yoga Amsterdam and the Conservatorium Hotel

Go to meditation and trainings for corporate life:




Healing en Reading sessions – pranic healing

Pranic Healing is an ancient Asian science developed by Master Choa Kok Sui. In Pranic Healing, physical ailments are treated through the subtle energy of the patient, using prana thereby assisting and accelerating in several degrees, the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Similar modalities are called medical qigong or ki healing, psychic healing, vitalic healing and reiki.

What is a healing? This is a personal treatment (90 min.) where I clean and vitalise your chakras with the help of crystals and prana (= chi or life energy). What are chakras? Around your body you have an aura, an energy field. When someone gets very close to you, this might be an unpleasant experience, because he or she is standing in your energy field. In this field 11 major chakras (literally ‘wheels’) are rotating that dispose of your dirty energy and provide you with clean energy. They are like small energy plants. With healing  I can improve your physical condition or even heal certain ailments. Have a look at this small clip:


About reading

During the Healing session I read your energy system. Your aura and body, but also organs, angels and ancestors can provide me with information about you. This information I share with you so that you get a better insight in what is going on in your life, why these things happen to you and how you can change/optimise/ improve your life.


Prices healing/reading

Healing & Healing session 1,5 uur €90,00
Sessions are private


About Dorrith

My name is Dorrith Beijnes and I come from Amsterdam. I have been practising yoga over 15 years and since 2007 I am an international registered yoga teacher of the Vijñāna Yoga Foundation. In addition to yoga and meditation, I got acquainted in Asia with Healing and Reading teachings.

In Hong Kong, Manilla, Singapore and Haarlem I have been following courses since 2002 and trainings on Meditation, Pranice Healing and Reading. Since 2010 I provide sessions where I combine Healing with Reading. The result for you is a relaxed and revitalised body in addition to a clear view on where you stand now in life and how you want to go from here.



Diploma International Vijñāna Yoga Teacher – Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2008. Global standards (


  • Course V: Living without the mind – Haarlem, 2012
  • Course IV: Using Energy as an Art of Life Part I & II – Haarlem, the Netherlands, 2005, 2006
  • Course III: Wisdom of the Soul – Haarlem, 2004
  • Course II: Increasing Your Consciousness – Haarlem, 2003
  • Course I: Meditation of Being – Haarlem, 2002. All courses have been followed and completed at Spaansen Consultancy, Haarlem, NL.
  • Inspirience and The 5D Challenge: learning how to work with higher dimensions, 4D and 5D, by artist and creative healer Janosh, 2010 and 2012.
  • Awakening the Illuminated Heart ® (ATIH): Method developed by Drunvalo Melchizedek activating the heart as the primary point of entry and action instead of the mind.“ Sedona, USA, 2013.


  • Certificate Pranic Feng Shui – Singapore, 2011
  • Certificate Soul Realisation – Singapore, 2011
  • Certificate Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Level –  the Netherlands, May 2010
  • Certificate Pranic Psychotherapy – Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 2010
  • Certificate Pranic Crystal Healing – Manila, Philippines, September 2009
  • Certificate Advanced Pranic Healing – Manila, Philippines, September 2009
  • Certificate Basic Pranic Healing – Hong Kong, China, June 2009. All certificates are issued by the Institute for Inner Studies Inc., Philippines.
  • Diploma Activation Light Bodies – Theta Healing – Theta Instituut, the Netherlands, Franeker, December 2009



Bedrijfsleven – Intuïtief Leiderschap:

Intuïtie als Strategisch Instrument. Speciaal
voor het bedrijfsleven is er nu een training die
je leert intuïtie in te zetten als strategisch instrument.

Intuïtie heeft enorme voordelen op rationeel denken. Een goed ontwikkelde intuïtie stelt je in staat om kwalitatief goede beslissingen te maken in relatief korte tijd.
Intuïtie gaat uit van totaal plaatjes in tegenstelling tot partieel denken.

Met intuïtie als bron ben je visionair!
learn more?




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